Ridder.co welcomes you!

23 Comments 05.10.2017

Hello, friends!

We proudly present you our new product for branding links – Ridder!

Ridder gives you a whole new world of opportunities for branding your links. This handy tool allows you to wrap links, adding there any data you want to show to everyone who will click the link.

We’ve built our project basing on technology acquired from Linkis, the famous link branding tool. If you were using Linkis you’ll notice no difference – you may wrap your links with Ridder the way you used Linkis tools before.

We took the best functions of now obsolete Linkis and implemented them in a new and easy-to-use project. While developing Ridder we took only the most interesting concepts that were used in Linkis and removed all the flaws it had.

We believe that Ridder will soon become your handy tool for branding links and promoting your agenda.

Our team is fully open to your ideas, advices and feedback, so feel free to contact us!

Welcome back, friends!


  • Sounds interesting, how will it work?

  • Giorgos Angelidis

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